Faux ribbed fur shoulder bridal wrap or shawl

$145.00 GST inclusive

Lovely, warm, Canadian made, faux fur bridal wrap


This soft, warm, faux fur, bridal wrap is made in Canada. It is lined with satin. The plush fur has a ribbed pattern featuring rows of lines across the fur.

Stay warm and look stylish on your wedding day by snuggling into this gorgeous, top quality, bridal wrap.

It is also great for keeping your bridesmaids and any little snow princesses warm.

The wrap can be draped over your shoulders and arms and fastened with the hidden hook and eye clip or alternatively, overlapped at the front and fastened with a decorative brooch (not included).

Available in six ladies sizes in ivory. Also available for order in a separate product listing in girls sizes.  Please contact us  to confirm the availability of any out of stock sizes.

Ladies Size chart
Measure Around Shoulder circumference. Keep the measuring tape level with your shoulder blades.
Regular size
Plus size
cape size
L-39″ W-12″
L-42″ W-12″
L-46″ W-12″
L-46″ W-16″
L-49″ W-16″
L-52″ W-16″
*Around Shoulders
39″ & under
42″ & under
46″ & under
46″ & under
49″ & under
52″ & under
Length is the longest dimension and Width is the widest points of the wrap.
You can choose a wrap that is longer than your actual measurement and use a brooch to close it with some overlap.

1 inches = 2.54 centimeters

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L39 inches W12 inches, L42 inches W12 inches, L46 inches W12 inches, L46 inches W16 inches, L49 inches W16 inches, 52 inches W16 inches, L30 inches W9 inches