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Flood sale

‘Beat the flood / building leaks’ dress clearance sale 

Let our misfortune be your fortune. Our shopfront floods in heavy rain and our ceiling has leaked when there has been no rain 🙁.

We want to prevent the possibility of any future dress losses whilst waiting for the landlord to rectify the building issues.  Accordingly, from Saturday, 23rd March 2019, Bella Notte Bridal will have a lot of in-store gowns on sale. There are two water affected wedding dresses reduced by 70% that we overlooked in the first two floods, however the other sale gowns have not been affected by water but are being cleared to create space.

Our insurer has removed 35 water affected dresses and our rugs from two flooding events but will not cover damage for any future events from the same sources.  So let our misfortune be your good fortune.  Grab a bargain while we create more space in the leak and flood prone parts of our shop in an attempt to mitigate the possibility of future water damage.